Saturday, 19 December 2009


This Christmas I am living away from my family and friends. We have decided not to do presents as the cost of postage always puts people off. Although I won't be getting many presents this year it doesn't stop me from dreaming and compiling a list of items that I would love to have and may eventually purchase myself once I have recovered from the costs of the festive season (such as parties, frocks, presents for the bf and his family etc. etc.)

My Wishlist...

Beauty related:

1. Urban Decay Book of Shadows 2
Gorgeous shades and great quality shadows all in one cute box set

2. MACs Holiday Collection - 5 Sexpot Smoky Mini Pigments/Glitter. This pack features Naked, Sunnydaze, Chocolate Brown, and Dark Soul Pigments, and Reflects Antique Gold Glitter

3. Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake
Perfect for defining those perfect brows with no smudging!

4. Essie's Mint Candy Apple Nailpolish
It's such a unique and gorgeous colour

5. MACs Baroque Boudoir Lipstick in Privé
Such a pretty nude pink colour in awesome packaging

Clothing related:

6. Warm Winter Coat
Both Jackets from Zara. 1st one is a raincoat made out of 100% cotton and 2nd is a wool and viscose blend

7. Faux Fur Coat/Jacket
Zara faux fur coat and Mango Striped faux fur jacket

8. A pair of Leather Riding Boots
Steve Madden Ottowa Cuffed Over The Knee Boot and Geox Donna Mendi Stivali Boots

I don't ask for much do I? Hehe well there's more to life than materialistic items but we can all have a little fun in dreaming for the nice things in life right? Hope you all have a Merry Christmas :)

Monday, 14 December 2009

Illamasqua Excite

The other day I was out Christmas shopping with my boyfriend. We were on a mission to get all gifts bought by the end of the day! I had to admit that I didn't dread it as much as I thought I would. All the shopping and browsing actually sent me into a frenzy. I actually had my boyfriend to thank for holding me back. I did veer off a little bit now and then but was promptly reminded that we had a task at hand!

One of my little indulgences during that trip though was a 'mini' stop at the Illamasqua counter in Debenhams. The lovely guy at the counter tested out the Excite blush and Furore pure pigment as a highlight on me. I ended up just getting the blush as it is Christmas time and I really had to concentrate on presents on other people rather than myself!

To justify, I was looking for a coral coloured blusher and Excite by Illamasqua just screamed at me. Actually the colour is very intimidating as it is so bright! But some sweet talking and very little persuasion from sales attendant was all I needed.

The products are highly pigmented and just the tiniest amount goes a long way. I used the blush today and found that just a tap or two from a 'not-too-stiff' blush brush was all I needed for a natural flush of colour. The colour just brings warmth and glow to my skin tone as well. I am very happy with the purchase and for £16 it was worth the money. Their products are great quality and because of the pigmentation would lasted ages, so I will definitely go back for more after all this Christmas spending has subsided.

Here is a picture of me wearing Excite and a bit of white shimmer pigment as highlight. I was playing around with my makeup so ignore the overly nude lips. It was me trying to make the Barry M Darling work - if you read my post about it you would remember me saying that that kind of shade was too hard to work with for my skin tone and mouth shape.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Star Style: Miranda Kerr

One of my favourite Victoria Secret's Angels has got to be Miranda Kerr. She is not only gorgeous, witty and down-to-earth but also a fellow Australian. Her style ranges from simple pieces for a casual chic look to sexy and edgy for red carpet and PR events. What else can I say, the girl looks gorgeous and she can dress!

Miranda generally tends to go for the more classic and clean cut looks with just the right amount of accessories (she doesn't overdo it). It seems her favourite go-to look for autumn/winter are boyfriend blazers and skinny legs or mini skirts. Below are a few outfits that Miss Kerr has been seen out and about in.

I love the Tweed Blazer Miranda is wearing in the picture above.
Here are cheaper alternatives
Available at or

Below Miranda Kerr wearing a gorgeous long sleeve camel Bodycon dress

You can find a dress similar to that at ASOS
Available at for £20

Here Miranda is wearing a slinky ruched dress

The dress below is a gorgeous alternative
Also available at Asos for £25

I hope you guys have enjoyed my little celebrity style post. Thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

My experience with Lilash

I recently got an email from the seller that I usually get my Lilash from. It confirmed everything that I already new and more about the product that I have been using for over a year. It is quite frightening and put things into better perspective for me. I realise how many of us will do what it takes for outer beauty. Please continue reading to find out what this seller has to say about the product and the feedback they have received from selling over 4000 bottles of Lilash in the last 2 years.

For those that do not know what lilash is here is a quick overview. It is a product that stimulates and encourages lash or eyebrow growth. It claims to lengthen and thicken your eyelashes in 4-6 weeks. On their website they assure you that the product is "physician formulated & clinically teste, safe for even the most sensitive eyes, the only non-irritating lash conditioner, less natural breakage than extensions". RRP is US$139.97 so not a cheap buy. You really need to be desperate for long lashes to spend this amount. I was! And I still am but with more products out in the market now I definitely won't be going back to Lilash. I have to admit though Lilash has done WONDERS for my eyelashes. They use to be short and unflattering, now they are noticeably longer but unfortunately not thicker!

this picture shows my lashes now with over 1 years worth of Lilash!

In the recent email that I got from my seller I was inform that they do not sell Lilash anymore. This is due to the overwhelming amount of people complaining of the side effects. The side effects noted are darkening of the eyelid skin, eye vein distension, redness, swelling, itching, eye pain, and lash fallout. Some claim that after 2 years of use their eyelashes start to fall out (my seller included). I myself have noticed darkening of the eyelid area, redness, itchiness and hair growth in unwanted areas like below my eyes (towards cheek). My lashes now are still long but I feel not as dramatic as when I was using the first tube. Could this be because I am getting more resilient to the product? I don't know. What I do know is that after I finish my current tube I am switching! Lilash costs too much to just throw out mid tube. Even through all the side effects I do not want to give up long lashes. The things we put ourselves through for beauty, shocking!

Please for anyone that is considering Lilash do your research before purchasing! There are other products out there that are less aggressive and cheaper. When I 1st purchased Lilash it was relatively new so although I did A LOT of research there weren't many, if any, bad reviews or feedback. However now that it has been on the market for at least 2 years there are a lot more information about the product on the internet.

Other products that you could look into: My seller informs me that MD Lash is as good as Lilash but without the side effects. Clinical tests have shown a 48% increase in lash length in just 4 weeks. Theres also Marini Lash, Revitalash, Lashfood and some people have even claimed that Castor oil on the eyelashes boost growth and thickness?

If anyone has had experience of eyelash stimulator products please let me know. I'm very interested in hearing your story. Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

'Myspring It' Review

I have recently purchased 'Myspring Its' online and can safely say I love this product. This is by no means the first review of the product. If you 'youtube' the product you will find several makeup gurus raving about them (that is where I got the notion to buy some). They work just like threading but is SO MUCH quicker and easier to do yourself.

So if you know anything about threading, it is when you use thread/string to pull out facial hair rather than individually plucking them with tweasers. It is great if you want to get rid of baby or fine hair that tweasers usually cannot get a grip of. The good thing about it is that you are essentially removing the hair from the roots and therefore should not come back as thick as when shaving. The problem with threading is that it can be hard to master and takes a bit of effort to get use to doing on yourself.

My review:

  • The product design: cute pink handles on each end of the coil. Just longer than the length from your middle finger to wrist
  • The ease of use: a bit of getting use to at the beginning but it doesn't take you long at all once you get started. Then it is just a breeze. You need to hold each end (pink handle) and bend the coil so it is an upside down 'U'. Then twist the handle outwards (please see picture below)
  • The price: some gurus on youtube mention the MySpring IT website which sells it for around US$15.99 each or 2 for $26.99 BUT I found a cheaper version on ebay. So don't pay premium price for what I think is the same product! I got mine from an ebayer called '' for GBP£0.99 plus $2.99 postage for 5 Myspring Its!!
  • The Pros: It is faster if you are no expert at threading and great for larger areas. It is also a no brainer. You can just twist away while watching TV. Ideal for larger facial areas like upper lip or chin or even face if you want it.
  • The Cons: because of the shape of the product it is not as precise as threading or using tweezers. So it will be hard to get close in under the eyebrows.

To get an idea of how to use the tool imagine that you are holding it and your twisting away from your face and outwards from the centre

I hope this is helpful for those that want to find an alternative to threading and plucking or just want to give it a go. For the price you are getting on Ebay there is no reason not to try it out. Please let me know if you do give it a go and your feedback on it :)

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

I recently got the Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara and I have to agree with everyone out there that love this product. I am converted! It does give you fuller and curvier lashes as claimed. For me this is very important as I have poker straight eyelashes that are thin and just blah. I tend to invest quite a bit on mascaras as I love the lashes look. Currently I have in use L'oreal Voluminous, Maybelline XXL Curl Power, Bourjois Clubbing Mascara and Diorshow. I have tried many brands of mascara in hopes to find the perfect voluminous mascara that adds length, volume,curls and doesn't clump! With all that in mind I love the Rimmel Sexy Curves.

So here is my review:
The packaging: Bright metallic purple which really stands out and looks pretty.
The wand: I actually really like the curvy, plastic wand. I think it gives really good control and you can really get right into the base of the lashes to add volume
The formula: I like that it is an intense black and not too runny. It didn't clump up my lashes as well. It is also buildable. I applied 3 layers and no clumping.
The smell: No overpowering smell. Very minimal odour.
The price: drugstore prices at about £7-8 at Boots and Superdrug. Not bad!
The effect on my lashes: separated, long , voluminous lashes with a bit of curl! YaY!!

I definitely find that this mascara is better at curling my lashes than a lot of other products out there that I have tried. I prefer the wand of this than to L'oreal Volumous as I find that the wand on that tends to collect too much product and it ends up clumping my lashes (however in saying that I have found a way to avoid the clumping and ultimately I enjoy it a lot more). I prefer it to my old favourite which was Diorshow as it is a more intense black and it doesn't 'weigh' my lashes down. It is also a fraction of the price!

I am very happy so far and will definitely repurchase :)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Luxurious Velvet

Fashion Trend: Velvet

I love seeing velvet coming back in fashion. There are some gorgeous clothes around at the moment perfect for the colder days of the year. Velvet can be one of those hit or miss fabrics. With the right style, texture and shape you could look like a million dollars. In my opinion simple, clean cut designs usually goes best with velvet. The cut plays a big part in modernizing the garment as well.

On the runway velvet ran through the collections of Armani Prive, Fendi, Jean Paul Gaultier, Prada, Ralph Lauren to name a few.

On celebrities we see the likes of Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba and Eve Mendes wearing this gorgeous trend in not just black velvet (which is normally the obvious choice) but jewel toned numbers. Jewel tone colouring is also a big favourite this season (think topaz, ruby, sapphire - deep colours).

You can find some lovely velvet items in High Street stores such as Dorothy Perkins, H&M and online stores such as ASOS.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Love is in the hair!

So I have done some crazy things with my hair in the past, from long to short, short to long, permed, chemically straightened, dark to light, red, blue, green you name it! Finally I think I am happy for it to just be natural. And for once in my life my hair is behaving good (well better).

I stopped lightening and dyeing my hair with permanent hair colour in 2006. However the damaged bits take a while to grow out. I have had unmanageable, frizzy hair for the most of my life. I didn't know that my hair could look good without using straightening or curling iron. My views on hair care have totally changed since then.

Well my quest for healthy hair really begun when I started using this fantastic product called KMS California. I swear my hair was in a dire state. I was using cheap drugstore products that just wasn't doing anything for me. To this day I still swear KMS was the best thing that I could of done for my hair. From feeling dry and full of split ends to manageable and smooth. And my hair is really long now! At the moment it is below my chest. I cannot remember a time that it has ever been this long.

I started using KMS this time last year. I noticed a difference from the first wash. Of course that alone is not enough. I limited myself using the blowdryer or straightener and I got regular trims. Once you have gotten rid of all the split ends you don't need to have trims as often. But I definitely stayed away from lightening my hair. I think it is just the nature of my hair. It is course and thick so anything as damaging as bleaching or perming is going to send me back to square one.

I have repurchased this item time and time again until recently. I ran out about 2 weeks ago. And this stuff isn't cheap. Coming in at around GBP£12 or AUS$25 per bottle (so double that for shampoo and conditioner) it is quite expensive, especially for people with really long hair. I started using the Dove Intense Repair and to be honest I haven't notice too much of a difference. So does this mean my KMS theory has just gone out the window? No I don't think so. I think that KMS has definately helped me in getting to where I am today. And because my hair is so much healthier now I can be more experimental. I would still recommend it and will repurchase when I can afford it. At the moment I am still looking for a job so for me to spend that much on washing my hair is ridiculous. I still prefer KMS to Dove but the price difference is a big one. I bought the Dove on special for just £1 per bottle. So that is ultimately a £22 difference.

I am still being gentle with my hair (i.e. styling with heat only once and a while) and have recently started taking these Hair/Skin/Nails Food supplements. I don't know if they work yet as I've only tried them out for a few days. They are meant to improve the condition of your hair, nails and brighten up your complexion. It contains Biotin which is meant to be great for that kind of stuff. So we will see. I got a 3 for 2 deal at Tesco, so it's a 3 month supply. I will definitely update everyone if I think it is working.

Other hair tips that I think help you get healthier hair
1. I think that a hair mask once a week is a must.
2. Use a good leave-in conditioner or serum. Makes hair more manageable, softer without having to use styling tools.
3. Dyeing hair with a semi-permanent hair colour. Usually my hair starts feeling ratty and that usually indicates I need a trim. Instead I dye my hair with these wash out colours and they have really improved on the condition of my hair. Making it silkier, shinier and softer. It's a lot better than permanent hair dyes as it does not change the structure of your hair. However the effects run out when the colour goes.
4. Good diet. Healthy fruits and vegetable.
5. Regular trims. Length of time between cuts depends on the condition of your hair. I.e. make regular trips to the salon if you have very damaged hair.
6. Try not to wash your hair too often as it can strip your hair of natural oils that make it healthy.
7. Massage scalp regularly to increase circulation. I do it in a circular motion.

So I have been trying to grow my hair to waist length at the moment (I know crazy), it's just so I can say that I have had it to that length. I also think that the longer length (on me) makes my hair seem less frizzy and boofy (not in a good way). It is taking ages to grow though, maybe my hair has reached it's limits? At the moment I am really trying to be good to my hair by taking vitamins and eating good food. And doing the occasional head massages.

1st photo is me with my hair in 2006 and the 2nd photo is me recently

Such a long post but I really wanted to share my experiences with everyone so they can determine what is best for them to achieve that healthy hair.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Body Shop Seaweed Pore Cleansing Exfoliator

Right now I am loving the Body Shop Seaweed Pore Cleansing Exfoliator. I first got introduced to it by my sister. You know we all love sharing and using our best friend or sister's beauty products ;)

I love how it just leaves the skin feeling so clean, fresh and smooth. I don't have the best skin in the world and I find this product really does do what it promises. It cleanses your pores and in turn make them appear smaller. I don't think there are any products out there that physically reduces the size of your pores but what we can do is remove all the build up so the pores aren't as obvious.

The smell is fabulous, very botanical if there is such a smell! I use circular motions when scrubbing and after a minute or two of that I leave it on my face while I do other stuff (like wash my hair) and then I rinse it off. I don't know why but I feel that if I use it as a mask I can get all the benefits of the seaweed, jojoba and olive? Whatever makes me happy right? I use it about twice a week as it is an abrasive wash.

Lots of great reviews about this product on The Body Shop website or

I might have to start trying out the other products in this Seaweed line from Body Shop. See how I go!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Fall 2009 Fashion Trend : 40's and 80's

This fall we are seeing 40's fashion being revisited. The style of the 40's was mainly reflecting that of military uniform. Women wore shorter and boxy style jackets, swing skirts and hats. Later on in the era broad shoulders, tight waists, high waist pants, pencil skirts, draping were popular. Generally speaking from hard edge to curves.

For Fall 2009 we saw a few designer revisit the 40's, such as Ellie Saab, Dolce & Gabbana, Karl Lagerfield and even Victoria Beckham.

Ellie Saab Fall 2009

Karl Lagerfield Fall 2009

Lanvin Fall 2009

Victoria Beckham Fall 2009

Another big fashion trend this fall is inspired by the 80's. Designers like Marc Jacob, Balmain, Preen, and Versaci to name a few that had sequins, sparkles, leather, one shoulder and big padded shoulders running through their collection.

Balmain Fall 2009

I love this look and Blake Lively looks stunning in this little Balmain number. She wore this dress at the HBO Emmy Awards after-party last month

Gucci Fall 2009

I love the power shoulder with sexy short skirt combination. I think that the two extremes are complimenting and gives an edgy look. The silhouette of the 40's and 80's can be quite flattering when certain elements of it are used and adapted to create a more modern, 'today' look.

Here are some high street and more affordable versions of these trends.

French Connection


Oli - AX Paris One Shoulder Dress

So many lovely trends this fall and I am sure we can all find something we like out there.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Gosh Darling

Ok so I finally got my hands on the Gosh Darling lipstick that everyone has been going on about. I first got introduced to it on lollipop26's channel and have been wanting to get it ever since. But every time I remember to look for it in Superdrug it's always sold out... until yesterday. My first thoughts of it on me was... Oh no I so don't suit it! I'm not use to nude lips. I've always thought that it washed me out or made me look ill so I never really went for nude shades but convinced myself that maybe it will work this time. I love the look of nude lips on people. I just need to find the right shade for me perhaps? I do love the consistency of Darling though. It doesn't make my lips feel dry and flake and it feels moisterising. Well maybe I can apply the smallest amount so it still mixes in with my lip colour and doesn't look like I'm wearing concealer over my lips.

From my observation and experience I think that nude lips suits those that are paler skin best. And also you need thin to medium lips. I have quite big lips so it's just like a big blob on my face! Another thing is my lips are super pigmented naturally so it's hard to cover it up properly without it looking weird. So disappointed in myself for not suiting it! Hopefully I can find a way to make it work.

Here are some pictures of me trying to make it work...

And this is with some Barry M Lip Gloss on...

So slightly better with the gloss? I think I need to work on it a bit more.
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