Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Love is in the hair!

So I have done some crazy things with my hair in the past, from long to short, short to long, permed, chemically straightened, dark to light, red, blue, green you name it! Finally I think I am happy for it to just be natural. And for once in my life my hair is behaving good (well better).

I stopped lightening and dyeing my hair with permanent hair colour in 2006. However the damaged bits take a while to grow out. I have had unmanageable, frizzy hair for the most of my life. I didn't know that my hair could look good without using straightening or curling iron. My views on hair care have totally changed since then.

Well my quest for healthy hair really begun when I started using this fantastic product called KMS California. I swear my hair was in a dire state. I was using cheap drugstore products that just wasn't doing anything for me. To this day I still swear KMS was the best thing that I could of done for my hair. From feeling dry and full of split ends to manageable and smooth. And my hair is really long now! At the moment it is below my chest. I cannot remember a time that it has ever been this long.

I started using KMS this time last year. I noticed a difference from the first wash. Of course that alone is not enough. I limited myself using the blowdryer or straightener and I got regular trims. Once you have gotten rid of all the split ends you don't need to have trims as often. But I definitely stayed away from lightening my hair. I think it is just the nature of my hair. It is course and thick so anything as damaging as bleaching or perming is going to send me back to square one.

I have repurchased this item time and time again until recently. I ran out about 2 weeks ago. And this stuff isn't cheap. Coming in at around GBP£12 or AUS$25 per bottle (so double that for shampoo and conditioner) it is quite expensive, especially for people with really long hair. I started using the Dove Intense Repair and to be honest I haven't notice too much of a difference. So does this mean my KMS theory has just gone out the window? No I don't think so. I think that KMS has definately helped me in getting to where I am today. And because my hair is so much healthier now I can be more experimental. I would still recommend it and will repurchase when I can afford it. At the moment I am still looking for a job so for me to spend that much on washing my hair is ridiculous. I still prefer KMS to Dove but the price difference is a big one. I bought the Dove on special for just £1 per bottle. So that is ultimately a £22 difference.

I am still being gentle with my hair (i.e. styling with heat only once and a while) and have recently started taking these Hair/Skin/Nails Food supplements. I don't know if they work yet as I've only tried them out for a few days. They are meant to improve the condition of your hair, nails and brighten up your complexion. It contains Biotin which is meant to be great for that kind of stuff. So we will see. I got a 3 for 2 deal at Tesco, so it's a 3 month supply. I will definitely update everyone if I think it is working.

Other hair tips that I think help you get healthier hair
1. I think that a hair mask once a week is a must.
2. Use a good leave-in conditioner or serum. Makes hair more manageable, softer without having to use styling tools.
3. Dyeing hair with a semi-permanent hair colour. Usually my hair starts feeling ratty and that usually indicates I need a trim. Instead I dye my hair with these wash out colours and they have really improved on the condition of my hair. Making it silkier, shinier and softer. It's a lot better than permanent hair dyes as it does not change the structure of your hair. However the effects run out when the colour goes.
4. Good diet. Healthy fruits and vegetable.
5. Regular trims. Length of time between cuts depends on the condition of your hair. I.e. make regular trips to the salon if you have very damaged hair.
6. Try not to wash your hair too often as it can strip your hair of natural oils that make it healthy.
7. Massage scalp regularly to increase circulation. I do it in a circular motion.

So I have been trying to grow my hair to waist length at the moment (I know crazy), it's just so I can say that I have had it to that length. I also think that the longer length (on me) makes my hair seem less frizzy and boofy (not in a good way). It is taking ages to grow though, maybe my hair has reached it's limits? At the moment I am really trying to be good to my hair by taking vitamins and eating good food. And doing the occasional head massages.

1st photo is me with my hair in 2006 and the 2nd photo is me recently

Such a long post but I really wanted to share my experiences with everyone so they can determine what is best for them to achieve that healthy hair.


  1. Great post! i love KMS products!! have u tried the moistrepair leave-in revieve creme ?? Amazing...

  2. Hi Haute Gurl. I haven't tried that product but I know it would be good. Amazing, amazing products. I just can't say enough because my hair use to be so straw-like before KMS!! :)


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