Wednesday, 25 November 2009

My experience with Lilash

I recently got an email from the seller that I usually get my Lilash from. It confirmed everything that I already new and more about the product that I have been using for over a year. It is quite frightening and put things into better perspective for me. I realise how many of us will do what it takes for outer beauty. Please continue reading to find out what this seller has to say about the product and the feedback they have received from selling over 4000 bottles of Lilash in the last 2 years.

For those that do not know what lilash is here is a quick overview. It is a product that stimulates and encourages lash or eyebrow growth. It claims to lengthen and thicken your eyelashes in 4-6 weeks. On their website they assure you that the product is "physician formulated & clinically teste, safe for even the most sensitive eyes, the only non-irritating lash conditioner, less natural breakage than extensions". RRP is US$139.97 so not a cheap buy. You really need to be desperate for long lashes to spend this amount. I was! And I still am but with more products out in the market now I definitely won't be going back to Lilash. I have to admit though Lilash has done WONDERS for my eyelashes. They use to be short and unflattering, now they are noticeably longer but unfortunately not thicker!

this picture shows my lashes now with over 1 years worth of Lilash!

In the recent email that I got from my seller I was inform that they do not sell Lilash anymore. This is due to the overwhelming amount of people complaining of the side effects. The side effects noted are darkening of the eyelid skin, eye vein distension, redness, swelling, itching, eye pain, and lash fallout. Some claim that after 2 years of use their eyelashes start to fall out (my seller included). I myself have noticed darkening of the eyelid area, redness, itchiness and hair growth in unwanted areas like below my eyes (towards cheek). My lashes now are still long but I feel not as dramatic as when I was using the first tube. Could this be because I am getting more resilient to the product? I don't know. What I do know is that after I finish my current tube I am switching! Lilash costs too much to just throw out mid tube. Even through all the side effects I do not want to give up long lashes. The things we put ourselves through for beauty, shocking!

Please for anyone that is considering Lilash do your research before purchasing! There are other products out there that are less aggressive and cheaper. When I 1st purchased Lilash it was relatively new so although I did A LOT of research there weren't many, if any, bad reviews or feedback. However now that it has been on the market for at least 2 years there are a lot more information about the product on the internet.

Other products that you could look into: My seller informs me that MD Lash is as good as Lilash but without the side effects. Clinical tests have shown a 48% increase in lash length in just 4 weeks. Theres also Marini Lash, Revitalash, Lashfood and some people have even claimed that Castor oil on the eyelashes boost growth and thickness?

If anyone has had experience of eyelash stimulator products please let me know. I'm very interested in hearing your story. Thanks for reading :)


  1. thanks for the heads up hun :) i was actually looking into buying the lilash, but i will now look for an alternative :)

  2. Hi xphoebelinax Glad I could help :)

  3. Thanks for your candid review. I, too, tried LiLash and experienced irritation and darkening of the eyelids. I tried to stick it out, but finally had to stop. I now use Revitalash and have stunning eyelashes. I didn't get the side effects that I did with LiLash. Revitalash was developed by an eye doctor, so I feel safe using it. I highly recommend that anyone interested in this product, review their website. Very insightful, and a great story behind the product.

  4. thanks for the review!! I've always wanted to grow both my eye lashes and eye brows and was thinking of purchasing lilash also, but after hearing about those side effects i think i will give another product ago! thanks again!

  5. Hi,hun:) I nominated you for a lovely award!

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  6. Thanks for the info!!

    check out my blog too if you want :)

  7. i've been using LiLash for almost 2 years now lashes are still long/thick. i barely notice any lashes fall out now. i've never had any skin/eye irritations. no darkening of my lids. i think if people want to try it, they should. cause everyone's going to have different results...different side effects or no side effects...since we all are different.


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