Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

I recently got the Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara and I have to agree with everyone out there that love this product. I am converted! It does give you fuller and curvier lashes as claimed. For me this is very important as I have poker straight eyelashes that are thin and just blah. I tend to invest quite a bit on mascaras as I love the lashes look. Currently I have in use L'oreal Voluminous, Maybelline XXL Curl Power, Bourjois Clubbing Mascara and Diorshow. I have tried many brands of mascara in hopes to find the perfect voluminous mascara that adds length, volume,curls and doesn't clump! With all that in mind I love the Rimmel Sexy Curves.

So here is my review:
The packaging: Bright metallic purple which really stands out and looks pretty.
The wand: I actually really like the curvy, plastic wand. I think it gives really good control and you can really get right into the base of the lashes to add volume
The formula: I like that it is an intense black and not too runny. It didn't clump up my lashes as well. It is also buildable. I applied 3 layers and no clumping.
The smell: No overpowering smell. Very minimal odour.
The price: drugstore prices at about £7-8 at Boots and Superdrug. Not bad!
The effect on my lashes: separated, long , voluminous lashes with a bit of curl! YaY!!

I definitely find that this mascara is better at curling my lashes than a lot of other products out there that I have tried. I prefer the wand of this than to L'oreal Volumous as I find that the wand on that tends to collect too much product and it ends up clumping my lashes (however in saying that I have found a way to avoid the clumping and ultimately I enjoy it a lot more). I prefer it to my old favourite which was Diorshow as it is a more intense black and it doesn't 'weigh' my lashes down. It is also a fraction of the price!

I am very happy so far and will definitely repurchase :)


  1. I am def. going to be trying this. ive been looking for a gooD Mascara!

    Love your blog!!!!

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  2. Is it easy to remove? And how does it handle when raining? :D

  3. I remove my makeup with Baby oil mixed with rosewater toner. It removes no problem (but if I had to say probably a little harder than average). It's not waterproof so won't hold against heavy downpour. Actually I was caught in the rain today with it on and it didn't run! Hope that helps.

  4. Great review! I've heard a lot about the Rimmel Sexy Curves...I haven't been experimenting with too many mascaras in the past while because I find too many formulas are too watery and weigh my lashes down. I've been using L'oreal Voluminous for quite some time now since I don't have that problem with it (since the formula is thicker) but I know what you mean about the brush applying a bit too much formula at times - I'm always armed with my eye lash comb for that reason! How do you avoid clumping with the L'oreal Voluminous?

  5. I'm the same! I've tried so many mascaras and i keep comparing back to max factor, but that doesn't give enough volume! I shall give this product a go! Thanks!!!

  6. This review makes me want to go out and buy it, lol. Thank you!

  7. My secret to applying the Voluminous without clumping is I use an old brush from a used mascara wand. I like the big brush from Diorshow so I've wash it and use that to apply the Voluminous and it works so well. I think that it'll will work for any mascara that you love the formula with and just hate the brush! So I hope that helps. Let me know how it goes. x


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