Wednesday, 28 April 2010


We generally associate Spring with light, almost girly colours like pink. But I don't think you need to use Spring as an excuse to wear Pink nudey lips at any time of the year. I just love the affect of a light pink lip, so feminine, soft and flattering.

As I have quite a lot of nude pink lipsticks I thought I would do a post dedicated to some of them. Although they may look similar they all have different textures and finishes. Each feel and act differently on the lips. Some are a pleasure to wear and some take more effort.

Here are some swatches.

Probably my favourite out of the bunch is Plink! Amazingly smooth finish and it is flattering on pale and tan. The formula very moisturising (almost like a lip balm even) and the smell of the lipstick is lovely, I would say vanilla scented.

Twinkled Pink is a new addition. I really like it. The formula is not too drying (but not as conditioning as MAC). The colour is a slightly frosty and it has good coverage.

Sweet Pink I love but it would not be my go to lipstick for a special occasion. It is has a milkier finish that the other lipsticks. The formulation is quite conditioning and the smell is sort of a mixture between vanilla and playdo? It is not obnoxious, actually I have grown a kind of fondness towards it.

Fragile Pink was a surprise. You don't expect it to be good because it's so cheap but it is one of my favs. Out of these lipsticks Fragile Pink is probably the 2nd most conditioning apart from Plink! Very smooth and makes your lips soft. It is also easy to wear. Would definitely repurchase.

These ELF lipsticks are nice but I probably won't repurchase. The consistency is not the same for both. I find them not as moisterising as the other lipsticks, especially Runway Pink. Nicely Nude I is a little sheerer and easier to wear as it feels just slightly more moisterising than Runway Pink. Runway pink is lighter in colour and thicker in texture. I need to wear this with caution as it can streak on my lips and it will need constant attention.

My lips are quite pigmented and I need a nude that is able to adapt to my lip colour. For a lot of people the problem is finding a nude that doesn't wash you out and still give that sultry pale lip look. I feel pinky nudes are a lot easier to wear than 'true' nudes. It still gives the face a hint of colour and yet it doesn't over power the rest of the makeup.

Nude lips can look so darn good when done properly. Or so wrong and nasty when not. Let's be honest it is the most unflattering look when a girl is wearing the pale lip and it looks like she has just slapped
zinc on the lips (you know like what the cricket players do). So fake... unless that's the look your going for?

Monday, 26 April 2010


I recently bought a few Essie nail polishes online. One being Decadent Diva. Painted on the nails it is in true likeness to the bottle which is a dark brown, maroon, bronze colour with shimmer. It is a gorgeous flattering colour for I think almost all skin tones. The texture is good and just 2 coats is enough for a flawless finish. Although I am not too fussed on the smell. It has a more than usual plasticy smell, but with the colour payoff I am willing to forgive.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Dress by Miss Selfridges, Jacket by Red Herring, Shoes from TK Maxx

This was my outfit for the night to celebrate 4 lovely years with my boyfriend. I have been bargain hunting quite a bit lately on ebay and bought this gorgeous sexy party dress by Miss Selfridges for under £10! I had a great time and felt really nice in this dress although maybe a tad too dressed up for dinner on a week night. None-the-less I don't regret my choice.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


I have not always been a believer of toners but since the past year or so it has taken a strong hold on my daily routine. I now use it morning and night and it has made a big difference with my skin. I have to dedicate this post to the Garnier Soft Essentials Toner. It contains no alcohol and utilises the soothing and hydrating properties of rose water.

I have trialed toners here and there but have never been faithful. With this particular toner I am probably onto my 4-5th bottle and have gotten into the habit of buying back ups! Since using this I have noticed my skin more hydrated. It removes excess dirt and makeup that my cleanser has missed.

This product is multi-purpose. I use it to clean makeup mistakes with a cotton bud. I've used it in the past in conjunction with baby oil to remove eye makeup. I use it to refresh my skin in the morning and have also started to pour it in a spritzer bottle to use to set my makeup, it is that gentle!

Has anyone ever tried this product and what are your experiences with it?
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