Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Storing and Organising my Makeup

After much complaining from my boyfriend about how my makeup is taking over the desk in our room(that we unfortunately share!) I finally got my act together and bought a couple of storage drawers from Ikea. Now this idea has been circulating Youtube and I have been doing a lot of research into what kind of storage I wanted in the room and what was best for me. The reason I didn't go for the plastic drawers, like most people on Youtube have, is because I think that it would ruin the look of my room. I wanted something that looked like a bit of thought went into it.

I bought 2 drawers, lined them with a sort of zebra print sticking back plastic and painted it with black gloss. The black gloss I really regret as it was more trouble than what it was worth. The payoff was not what I wanted but I bought the paint before realising what the finish would be. Also there was trouble with getting the drawers to fit afterward! Aaaah!!

Anyway the finished product...

I just stacked the drawers on top of each other to save some space.

So overall I am happy with the outcome :) But already I can see my collection outgrowing these drawers. Well since I am unemployed at the moment I have to limit my purchases some what. We'll see... ;)


  1. Love the zebra print lining!

  2. Thanks I couldn't resist when I saw it! :)

  3. Seeing bloggers being all storage saavy makes me want to get more organized

  4. Niki - my boyfriend was complaining (no whinging) about it so I was forced to do something lol


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