Monday, 28 March 2011

Maxi Sequin Dress

Asos Sequin Maxi Dress with Side Split


Isn't it funny how sometimes things might not shout out to you at first but after seeing it again after a period or even in a another state of mind you may actually grow to love it?

I wasn't overly mad about it when I first this sequined ASOS dress but after a while and seeing it in person at a market I grew quite curious of how it might look on. After some contemplation I purchased this little beauty and wore it to a black tie event on the weekend. I think it was the perfect choice, I absolutely love it!

I urge you to go out, rediscover and see things in a different light!


  1. You look soooo gorgeous!!
    Awesome dress.


  2. you look fabulous in that dress! beautiful


  3. Charlotte Holm Jensen DK9 January 2012 at 16:35

    Is it a dark purple or is it actually black? :-)

  4. Dark purple, like Aubergine colour. Still love that dress!

  5. This dress I GORGEOUS, love it. So I just wonder which size you have and if it is true to size, because I want to get it but they do not put any review on the sizes. I would really appreciate it :)

  6. How tall are you? I would love to rock that dress. But I feel like I won't because I'm only 5 ft tall. Btw you look gorgeous. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm 5'5" but you could totally where this. It will looks nice if your petit just maybe the hem will need altering.Good luck x


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