Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fur Vest

I recently encountered a nice little fabric shop, which is such a rarity where I live. I had my eyes set on a long faux fur fabric which I knew I wanted to make a vest out of. After a few weeks of getting around to it from making the pattern to sewing I came up with the above. I have taken to wearing it over a H&M Jacket I bought last season. I like teaming it with a simple singlet/t-shirt, shorts, tights and booties.


  1. love your blog!
    i followed you!!
    pls check out mine I'd love your opinion


  2. loove that vest!!xx

  3. I like it!
    I want it white colour!

    Follow me if you like :)

  4. I want a white one too! Need to find the right fabric for it! :) xx


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