Thursday, 6 May 2010


Wearing: Jacket by Dorothy Perkins, Leggings by H & M, Singlet top/dress by Supre, Shoes by Mystify

I like mixing staple pieces (in terms of colour and cut) with something a bit more interesting whether it be the colour, pattern or detail. In this case it was a bright top.

I had a day off work yesterday and was blessed with lovely weather. I'd much prefer going out and doing something on a day off then to mope around home doing nothing. Don't get me wrong I love relaxing and doing nothing sometimes but on good days I just don't want to waste it. You don't get many of those in Ireland.
Some things I love about Spring: the smell of freshly cut grass, the cherry blossoms around my flat (we sometimes see people stop and take pictures), and the warm sun hitting my skin. People are just a lot happier in Spring and Summer. I know that I am. I am missing my home in Australia quite a bit these days, especially when it is a windy and dreary day. Sometimes when it is sunny I close my eyes and imagine that I am laying on a beach back home :)


  1. PLEASE COME BACK!! i miss you lelinh love from anna

  2. Loving you blog :)
    Hopefully you check out mine :)



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