Saturday, 5 February 2011

Vintage Finds - Jewelery

I recently acquired a few vintage costume jewellery from the charity shops. I love great bargains for lovely pieces that are unique and aren't from the High Street. Don't get me wrong I love the affordability and ease of High Street but nothing beats the feeling that you are wearing something that chances are that no one else has.

A brooch - Art Nouveau style? 
The picture is quite bad but it is sort of brass looking with dark shading that makes it look very antiquey.

 Another brooch - Wing shaped and silver.
I have decided to use as an embellishment for a navy handbag that I bought at a Vintage shop a while back. I didn't use the bag much before because I thought it needed something to break it up and add more interest. It's still a working progress I think.

A necklace - Art Deco Style?
This I was admiring but the shop assistants seemed to be too. I didn't end up purchasing it as I was going a bit vintage crazy and thought I should cool off. My friend actually got it for me as a surprise :)

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