Sunday, 3 January 2010


I picked up Barry M's Dazzle from Superdrug the other day (love their 3 for 2 deals) and after using it for a few days I have to say I love it. So much so that I had to do a review on it. I now use it as part of my daily face routine. Why oh why did I not buy this sooner!

What I love so much about this bronzer is that it's perfect for my skin tone. I find a lot of bronzers out in the market can be a little too orange. I am lazy and trying to spend ages in the morning making a bronzer work for me is not ideal. Barry M's Dazzle is just perfect, the moment I put it on it looks effortlessly natural. The powder is quite packed in and hard so not an awful lot of product gets onto your brush. That way you can layer and build it up to your liking.

Some have said that this is a good dupe for Nars Laguna (£21). I have yet to try that out but at the moment I am happy with the Barry M version (£9.50).

The only con about the product I can think of is that it has a bit of iridescence to it. Some people love it and some people don't. For me it is fine as it is not overly shimmery and can still work as an everyday bronzer.

Here are a couple pictures of how it looks in it's packaging. Smart and sturdy case, made of the same type of rubbery casing as the Nars products.

Below is a swatch of the bronzer and below that a picture of me using it as a contour.

I hope this little review will help some of you that are thinking of purchasing this bronzer.

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  1. i've heard so many good things about barry m! i'm super duper bummed it's not as easily available here because the quality looks amazing! thanks for the review hun :)


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